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Chill-out...Guided Stress Relief for Teenagers

Susan Boyes, licensed professional counselor, specializing in counseling children with ADHD, produces meditation, relaxation CD's for her young clients. "Chill-out" begins with an informative introduction about the nature and management of stress followed by 30 minutes of guided imagery with a relaxing sound-scape.

Stress producing pressures on teens:

  • Television: Explicit programs glorify sex, violence, smoking, drinking, drug use, defiance, disrespect for others and criminal behavior
  • School: homework, academic performance, social pressures
  • Home: Dysfunctional families, divorcing/divorced parents, sibling conflict
  • Rebellion: Drugs, alcohol, illegal behavior, resentment of authority


Chill-out...Guided Stress Relief for TeenagersClick image to listen to introduction.
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