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Guided Meditation for Sleep

Enjoy the most valuable "health food" there is

Ahhhh... to sleep perchance to dream. Like Hamlet, you have some serious sleep problems. You don't expect to sleep tonight, much less to dream. You may begin feeling tense and anxious as bedtime approaches. You have learned to anticipate another restless, sleepless, frustrating night of tossing and turning, and wondering how you are going to function tomorrow with so little rest. No doubt, sleep deprivation is making you exhausted, cranky and careless. Fatigue is interfering with your work, your relationships, your health and most of all, your enjoyment of life. This CD is designed to relax your body, and induce an alpha brain wave pattern that will guide you into a peaceful night's rest.


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CD Trio for Relaxation, Healing, and Sleep


Trio for Relaxation, Health, and Sleep
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