About Susan Boyes

Susan Boyes, LPC

Professional Profile

Susan Boyes is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) with more than 20 years experience counseling and teaching in a variety of clinical settings. She has a Masters of Education and an Educational Specialist Degree from James Madison University. In addition, she has earned advanced certification from Associate Trainers in Clinical Hypnosis and a training certificate from Valley Pastoral Counseling Center.

Professional Experience

Susan has served as Director of Counseling Services at Southern Virginia College in Buena Vista, Virginia and Director of Family Services for Virginia Baptist Children's Home in Salem, Virginia. She has also served on the boards of the Mental Health Association of Rockbridge, Mary Baldwin Alumni Association, Success by Six, and Mental Health of America. Susan currently volunteers at Mental Health of America's Collaborative which provides counseling and psychiatric services for uninsured adults.

Community Service

Working with groups is one area of her expertise. She has led groups for Rockbridge County Hospice, Rockbridge Alcohol Safety Action Program, and Virginia Baptist Children's Home S.T.E.P. (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) program. In private practice, Susan has conducted groups on a variety of topics including successful marriage, ADHD, assertiveness training, parenting skills, and Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory for couples. Currently, Susan conducts groups for women exploring the principles of happiness and success and for individuals coping with chronic pain conditions. Susan is available for presentations and programs for groups.

Group Sessions

Client Profile

Susan's clients include individuals, couples, families, groups and children. With a passion for learning and a deep concern for the over-use of prescription drugs for children, Susan has researched drug-free therapies for children with attention, mood, and behavior problems. Susan believes that it is imperative that parents and health care professionals understand what children's developing brains and bodies need in order to grow and thrive and to provide for those essential needs.

Special Expertise

An avid student and teacher of energy psychology, Susan has developed successful counseling methods that blend established techniques with innovative approaches that inspire clients to identify and change unproductive attitudes and behaviors. Energy therapy clears blocked emotional energy (physical and emotional symptoms related to stress, anxiety, depression, anger, pain, etc.) and empowers the individual to create a life of better health, stronger spiritual connections, more satisfying relationships, and frequent experiences of joy, peace and success.

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Therapeutic Products

Meditation produces a deep alpha state of relaxation and tranquility. Regular meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and emotional stability. And these effects don't end when your meditation session ends. Meditation can have lasting effects on your emotional and physical well-being. Research indicates that meditation is a safe and effective practice to reduce symptoms such as: anxiety, chronic pain, depression, stress, high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic health problems, and PTSD.

Susan has produced a series of guided imagery meditation CDs (link) designed to gently steer the listener into a comfortable experience of inner peace. When your mind is clear of distracting thoughts and worries, you become more self-aware. Click here to view our selection of CDs. To purchase any of these in CD or MP3 download, click on Shop Online.

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